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Southern Engineering Solutions has a reputation for designing and building robust and successful equipment. Equipment that Warren Rice, the owner and director of the company, stands by.

Southern Engineering Solution Ltd's head office, design office, and fabrication and testing workshop, are located at 29 Lunns Road, Middleton, Christchurch, New Zealand. The company is heavily involved in manufacturing in stainless steel, producing and maintaining equipment for meat and food processing, pharmaceuticals and other related industries.

We have designed, built, installed and maintained food handling and processing equipment, conveyors, and materials handling devices throughout New Zealand and in Australia, and we have developed specialist products (machines and equipment). These include the SES Round Knife for cutting lamb carcasses, the SES Twin Tray Medical Gurney that is used in Universities in New Zealand, Australia and the Caribbean, as well as a Stillage loading and unloading system for meat cartons.

Southern Engineering Solutions can offer a cohesive and united approach to achieve a successful completion of your project. We encourage and adopt a partnership with the client and subcontractors in order to provide solid reliable systems. As such we have established excellent working relationships with dependable manufacturers and automation specialists who seek the same goals.

Warren Rice has a long working record within the meat industry and has been involved in the manufacture, installation and commissioning of numerous industry projects over the years, and together with his staff have over 70 years of engineering experience between them.

Southern Engineering Solutions has extensive in-house design software assisting Andrew Dalton, our design engineer, and will analyse each client's manufacturing requirements, recommending proven layout solutions that lead to processing efficiencies, increased production and a reduction in resources.

Proposed designs are presented as 3D drawings in order to ensure the client understands exactly what the completed project will look like.

Our approach is simple - we analyse your manufacturing requirements, recommending proven layout solutions, that lead to processing efficiencies, yield improvements and resource reductions.

We have in place good processes for manufacturing, with Dan Berryman carrying out the materials and purchasing planning once a job has been designed, then the job is issued to the workshop under the control of Mark Wierkx.

All materials, ordering and labour are managed in Streamline, which along with the design package, give us good tracking and history of each job.

With marketing we rely heavily on our website which we are constantly keeping up to date with our latest developments. Our director Warren Rice regularly travels to Australia, where there is significant interest in some of our proven systems. We also receive many enquiries through word of mouth and clients seeing our equipment in operation.

We are also looking at building machinery to ease staff injuries from RSI and ACC claims. We are extremely diligent with health and safety, both within our premises and onsite in all our jobs, particularly where maintenance is done at all times of the day or night.




We believe our business is our staff, where we now have a highly skilled team on board and every employee is as important as the next. We encourage upskilling and keeping our team up to date with the latest skills and technology - the latest technology being a new 175 tonne Durma press brake.

We encourage staff to have input into design giving them a sense of worth within the company and believe this is vitally important for their confidence and also improves work morale.



  • problem solving conceptualisation
  • 3D CAD modelling
  • drafting and design
  • rapid prototyping and development
  • sourcing, fabrication, construction
  • testing in our fabrication facility
  • full installation and commissioning
  • production support
  • maintenance




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