Beef Bunging Machine


Australian Meat Technology's Safe Seal 500 bung bagging machine for beef slaughter hygiene, this unit is made up of two parts, a SafeSeal 501 bagging applicator, and a SafeSeal 502 ring loader.

Made under license in New Zealand by Southern Engineering Solutions Ltd.


The operation of bagging and sealing the anal canal during the evisceration process of a beef slaughter, eliminates the possibility of faeces contamination of the carcass.


The operators use the SafeSeal 501 machine to grip the anus of the carcass and, after it has been separated from the carcass, envelop the rectum in a plastic bag and seal the bag using an elastomer ring.

The SafeSeal 502 is the ring loader that is used in conjunction with the 501 bunging machine, it expands the elastomer ring ready for loading onto the SafeSeal 501 hand piece.

Both items are required for operation.

Scope of supply

The two units are constructed from 304 grade stainless steel, with pneumatics by SMC, and all thermoplastics are food grade.

The 501 hand piece is suspended from a linier rail to give effortless positioning for both the bunging operation, and the loading of the elastomer ring. This rail will require suitable steel work over the installation area to support the unit. The 502 ring loader is floor mounted in a position that allows seamless reloading of the hand piece.

The units are pneumatically operated, with all controls falling easily to hand. A pneumatic supply will be required.

More Info

Product PDF: Beef-Bunging-Machine.pdf


Photo 1: Transferring expanded rubber ring from SafeSeal 502 (the ring loader) to SafeSeal 501 (the machine)

Photo 2: Ring in position on machine

Photo 3: Plastic bag in place over extended cone of machine, ready for insertion into rectum

Photo 4: Machine inserted prior to retracting

Photo 5: Rectum totally sealed prior to commencement of any knife work

Photo 6: Machine in retract mode, greatly facilitating knife work

Photo 7: Non-knife hand well clear from risk of cutting

Photo 8: Natural attachments being broken as machine retracts

Photo 9: No spillage of urine or faeces prior to bag being inverted

Photo 10: The bung is totally enclosed with the rubber ring positioned well down the outside of the rectum

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