Beef Carcass De-dagger


The units consists of a hydraulically driven hand piece mounted rotor that removes dags from the belly area prior to cutting.


Removal of dags and residue attached to the underbelly area of a beef carcass during the slaughter process, prior to the evisceration, reduces possible contamination prior to opening the carcass.


The rotor is driven by a hydraulic motor, controlled from the hand piece, and the de-dagger unit is suspended next to the process line. The operator is able to run the rotor hand piece down the belly area to remove dags, and at the same time is able to spray the area being de-dagged with water, and all the residue is collected in the hand piece shroud, and removed via the vacuum system.

Scope of supply

The rotor manufactured from grade 304 stainless steel, and is driven by hydraulic motor, powered from a remote located hydraulic power pack. The controls are located on the hand piece, and as a safety feature, requires the operator to maintain both hands on the unit, controlling the drive, and water spray.

The hand piece is suspended from a spring loaded weight balance to reduce operator fatigue. This balance is mounted on a linear rail system which allows the operator to position the hand piece effortlessly to the position of the carcass.

The waste collection system consists of a water sealed or similar vacuum generator, remotely installed. The vacuum line would be a 76 mm stainless steel tube from the hand piece flexible, to a collection vessel. Dual dump valves are mounted on the discharge of this vessel, allowing site programming of an empty cycle during operation. The vacuum and collection system are skid mounted for ease of installation. Details of the layout dimensions are available on request.

More Info

Product PDF: SES-Beef-Carcass-Dedagger.pdf


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