Box Compactor


A compactor that expels the air and settles product in cartons as part of a meat packing line. Can be used for any meat product that is being bulk packed in cartons.


Allows the carton closing or lid placement to be level with the top of the carton, for best strapping, stacking and appearance of bulk packed product.


Cartons are staged on a conveyor through the compactor as part of a packing line. Each carton is confined on all four sides by pneumatically operated gates, as the vertical compactor plate compresses the product. The gates release, and the compacted carton then is conveyed to the lidding and strapping process.

Scope of supply

Manufactured in grade 304 stainless steel and food grade thermoplastics, the compactor is supplied as part of a packing line, or can be retro-fitted into an existing line. It is sized for standard meat cartons, or can be manufactured for alternate sized product. Requires 3 phase power, pneumatic supply and electrical integration into the packing process control.

More Info

Product PDF: SES-Box-Compactor.pdf


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