Bulk Packing Carousel


A side by side carousel with diverts to allow product to circulate allowing pick off for bulk packing into cartons.


The conveyors present the product to packing staff for selected packing, and product is recirculated allowing it to be left in a sanitary environment until it is picked for packing. The length of the carousel allows multiple packing stations, with empty cartons presented over the area, and full cartons removed on a central discharge conveyor to the next process without lifting.


Side by side conveyors operation in opposite directions, with divert conveyors recirculating product. Product flows from the process line onto the carousel, and packed product in cartons are pushed from the packing tables directly onto the discharge conveyor.

Scope of supply

The carousel is manufactured in grade 304 stainless steel, with food grade modular belts and thermoplastic components. The width and length of the unit can be sized to the volume or quantity of pieces of product to be handled.

More Info

Product PDF: SES-Bulk-Packing-Carousel.pdf


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