Fall Arrest Safety Rail


A straight or circular rail designed to allow unrestricted movement for meat process worker to attach their harnesses to while working on elevated plinths or stands.


Can be tailored to suit the operator movements during the slaughter process. Allows individual operators to clip on to a mobile point, allowing full mobility around their work area. Prevents falls from heights that may injure workers.


The rail is manufactured to suit each application and work process. Mobile attachment points are installed on the rail for individual harness hooks to be attached.

Scope of supply

Manufactured from 304 grade stainless steel schedule tube, and support structure engineered to suit each installation. Mobile attachments run on stainless steel bearings, and can be added or removed to suit staff numbers at each work area. The mobile attachment units have load certification.

More Info

Product PDF: SES-Fall-Arrest-Safety-Rail.pdf


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