Fat Cap Removal Machine


A development machine designed to trim the barrel of a lamb, and remove the fat caps off the back in one process.


Barrels are all trimmed to the one dimension as set, reducing waste. The fat caps are stripped from the barrel, eliminating labour-intensive knife hand process, often fraught with associated repetitive strain injuries.


The barrels are set onto the carriage prior to proceeding through the operation which trims the flaps off at the required length, then removes both fat caps from the barrel, returning to the operators start point for removing the completed loin. A conveyor discharges the flaps to a point outside the machine for further processing.

Scope of supply

Currently this is a development machine designed and built by Southern Engineering Solutions Ltd, and is undergoing extensive onsite trials on various grades of product. When complete, it will be manufactured fully compatible with food grade requirements from 304 grade stainless steel and thermoplastic components. The drives will be SEW, and pneumatics by SMC, and the control programming by Swarm Intelligence Ltd.

More Info

Product PDF: SES-Fat-Cap-Removal-Machine.pdf


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