Heated Pharmaceutical Tumbler


A rotating drum for processing a variety of materials, jacketed for heating medium. The drum has one end opening for loading and unloading, with quick release fasteners. The drum is mounted in a frame, and is pivoting, so can be tilted forward and back with the hydraulic rams installed. The drum rotates on rollers and is chain driven, paddle bars fitted along the internal length of the drum agitate the product whilst it rotates.


Heating, cooling, agitating, size, ease of loading and unloading are all benefits that may be required in your process.


The operation of the tumbler can be varied to suit the requirements of any process, and can be tailored to any industrial needs, with controls to suit.

Scope of supply

Manufactured from grade 304 stainless steel barrel tumbler, chain driven and rolling on bands over support rollers, mounted on a hot dipped galvanised mild steel frame, the diameter of the barrel is 1700 mm x length 3403 mm, with ends coned at 45 degrees, overall length 4860 mm. The support frame has allowance for load cell mounting, and supplied with hydraulic rams and power pack to allow tilting of the barrel back for loading, forward for unloading and horizontal for processing operation. Grade 304 stainless steel material mixer blades and the barrel are manifolded and jacketed with 304 stainless steel, to allow fluid circulation around the outer circumference, as well as the non-opening end. The opening end is secured by manual clamps, and sealed by a seal fitted to the end cap. Pneumatics by SMC, and the main drive is SEW.

More Info

Product PDF: SES-Heated-Pharmaceutical-Tumbler.pdf

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