Stillage Unloading for Cartons


Developed by Southern Engineering Solutions as part of carton handling after the freezing process, these fully automated units will unload cartons from a stillage frame, level by level, and discharge them onto a conveyor ready for sorting and palletising.


Automatic unloading saves the labour costs of manually doing this work, as well as the associated repetitive strain injuries that can be associated with these operations.


The stillage unloading is the reverse process of the loading operation, where a loaded stillage frame from the freezer is placed in the unloader, and the cartons are transferred from each level onto an outfeed conveyor, and then they are discharged onto a sorting conveyor for the next process. The pushing operation and the receiving conveyor are raised and lowered in unison.

Scope of supply

The loading unit is manufactured from grade 304 stainless steel, and food grade thermoplastics, has SEW drives and SMC pneumatics. Normally supplied as part of a carton handling process line, the stillage unloading unit can also be engineered and supplied as a retro-fit into a current line to replace an existing manual stillage handling operation.


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